T-Motor VELOX V2808 Cinematic Motor

CHF 32.50

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T-Motor VELOX V2808 Cinematic Motor CHF 32.50
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T-Motor VELOX V2808 Cinematic Motor – 1300KV / 1500KV / 1950KV

About this product

The T-Motor VELOX V2808 Motor continues the lineage of great FPV racing motors by T-Motor! The V2808 is great for 4-8″ drones providing cinematic power for all of your extreme flights.

Choose a KV:

  • 1300KV
  • 1500KV
  • 1950KV

VIDEO: New Release: V2808, V2812, V3008 cinematic motor!


  • Cinematic Power for safe filming
  • Stable and reliable performance
  • Suitable for 4-8″ Drones
  • Black and Green design
  • High-efficiency motors


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